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Hi, I'm Liam, I'm 20 & my foreskin has healed over my "helmet" completely, leaving a small hole for urinating, sex is ok, but I'm having trouble keeping hard because …

by Liam on Phimosis

I'm writing this from my hospital bed after just being Diagnosed with acute diverticulitis and perforated colon I'm confused how will medication fill a hole!!!??…

by Joanne on Diverticula Disease

I get prickly heat every year and i have just found something that helps its called hibi scrub its used in hospitals a lot and this might sound silly but we use it on our…

by liz on Prickly Heat

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Embarrassing Fat Bodies

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Embarrassing Bodies Series 7

Series 7 is focussing on reconstructive health

Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

The doctors celebrate 100 episodes the only way they know how: curing the nation's embarrassing illnesses

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