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Hi, I'm 37 and my arms and legs have been shaking for the past 6 months. Even when I bend over from the waist. My hands aren't too bad but sometimes difficult to typ…

by Chris on Benign Essential Tremor

hello i am a 65 year old female, i am diebetic type 2 also on meds for underactive thyroids for years as well,,i am also overweight, i also sweat buckets, infact i am get…

by ada on Doctor Responses: Excessive Sweating

Iv'e got this slithly dark patch of skin on my leg, it's been there for months. It's not itchy and it's smooth and it has stayed the same size. I just don't know what it …

by kelly on Skin Cancer

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Embarrassing Fat Bodies

Embarrassing Fat Bodies

This series the doctors are just tackling problems caused by excessive weight

Embarrassing Bodies Series 7

Series 7 is focussing on reconstructive health

Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

The doctors celebrate 100 episodes the only way they know how: curing the nation's embarrassing illnesses

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