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My Urethral opening has been red and swollen for some time now and I'm getting to a point where its extremely depressing because its ruined/ruining my life. I'm too scare…

by Jack on Consultation: Painful Penis

I got it too. Even worse I dont even have normal size boobs. Im already 21 but my boobs smaller than 15 years old girl. I admit I feel ashamed of it before n even got dep…

by Hira on Prominent Adam's Apple

Im 17 and have had 3 Epididym cysts across both testes for a few years now. I am not sure if they are infected but every few months the left testicle inflames and the cys…

by Alex on Epididymal Cyst

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Embarrassing Fat Bodies

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Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

Embarrassing Bodies Series 6

The doctors celebrate 100 episodes the only way they know how: curing the nation's embarrassing illnesses

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