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Episode 1 - Doncaster

Vulva Guide

Dr Dawn meets up with her roller derby girls to introduce them to the vulva, the external part of a woman’s genitals. With the aid of life model Delphine, Dr Dawn demonstrates the different parts of the vulva and explains their functions. Dr Dawn also explains how to check your Vulva for signs of cancer.

To view examples of normal healthy vulvas look at our Vulva Gallery >

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  8. Vulva Guide Vulva Guide
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I have black patches on my inside lips and loads of little bumps, some spread out and some all clustered together. I have seen doctors but the say its nothing but its sore and sometimes the bumps bleed. Im sure that this is something abnormal but the doctors just dont seem to take me seriously. They think I am paranoid. I am british but I live in spain. I have psoriasis also and I know that can also be a factor in vulvar cancer,I have had verrucas in the past so does that mean I carry HPV? As I also heard that can be a cause. I am 24 yrs old and seriously concerned and no doctor is taking me seriously. Please help me!

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