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Embarrassing Bodies: Stand Up to Cancer


Please follow this link if you’d like to donate to Stand Up to Cancer

The Embarrassing Bodies team would like to thank the following people and organisations:

Josh’s Treatment
Barts Health NHS Trust
Surgeons involved:
Prof Iain Hutchison – Saving Faces
Saving Faces patient helpline

About us:
The Facial Surgery Research Foundation – Saving Faces is leading research on the prevention and treatment of all disorders and injuries affecting the mouth and face. Its mission is to determine best treatment practice and research better treatments through the world’s first National Facial Oral and Oculoplastic Research Centre. It funds PhD students and clinical researchers in psychological aspects, stem cell and molecular biology. It runs a 3-day turnaround electronic diagnostic advice service for doctors and dentists to help to improve the early diagnosis of mouth cancer and through the Saving Faces Expert Patient Helpline, provides telephone support to newly-diagnosed patients and their families by linking new patients with former patients who have experienced the same condition or gone through similar surgery. New patients receive advice and support, helping them to deal better with the emotional and psychological impact of surgery, which is often just as traumatic as the procedure itself.

Mr David Harding Verity – Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon
Moorfields Eye Hospital

Andrew Dawood – Dental Implant Surgeon
Dawood and Tanner – The specialist dental practise London

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