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Episode 4 - Skegness


Hayley visits Dr Dawn regarding an unusual sleep problem: she head bangs in her sleep. This causes headaches and muscle strains. Dr Dawn says it is a form of sleepwalking and recommends Hayley goes to a sleep lab to find the cause. At the lab the experts record her oxygen levels, heart rate and brainwaves. They discover that the problem is likely to be related to stress. Hayley is referred to a psychologist to discuss stress management. When she sees Dr Dawn again Hayley tells her that the unusual problem has not happened since she started following the advice the psychologist.

The EB team would like to thank:

Dr Dev Banerjee
Consultant Respiratory & Sleep Physician
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Dr Becky Spelman
Psychologist & Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

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My boyfriend has been head banging his pillow during the night since he was a baby. We really want to know why this could be and if there is any way to solve and stop the problem.

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