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Embarrassing Teenage Bodies helps answer the common questions and health concerns of teenagers. The videos, condition guides and interactive applications provide clear, honest information about the changes going on in teenage bodies.

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Am I Normal?

  1. Dr Dawn Harper discusses the causes and treatments of acne, including the opinions of the cast of Hollyoaks.
  2. Dr Dawn Harper discusses breast development amongst teenage girls, explaining what is and isn
  3. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  4. Dr Dawn Harper discusses all matters relating to periods and what is and isn
  5. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  6. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  7. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  8. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn

How to Check Yourself

  1. Dr Dawn Harper explains how to self check your boobs for breast cancer.
  2. Dr Pixie answers your most frequently asked questions about breasts.
  3. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  4. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn

Latest Questions

Im 13 and I have little white dots on my penis …

Asked by Sam on Am I Normal Penis

I had chlamydia, it could have been for about a year before I got treated. This was about 8 years ago and now I'm worried it could have made me infertile. Would I know if…

Asked by jane on Doctor Responses: Chlamydia

I am 28 years old... Have been sexually active since 16 Have had multiple sex partners but now I have a fiancé and I am very attracted to him but when we're about…

Asked by Jeanette on Vaginal Dryness

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Hi I am 14 years old. I am what I would call developed- I have hips, I have had my period for 2-3 years now and I am tall and an adult weight. Although I have been developing nearly the same as my friend my boobs are annoying me. I am a B cup although my boobs arnt shaped normally, they are still ki…

Lauren on Am I Normal Breasts

I'm 14 and my left breast looks like it would be tubular? Like the areola is much larger than my right one and the breast itself is larger. Is this normal, and do I have tubular breasts? Plz help…

Melly on Am I Normal Breasts

Is it really thick? You should go to a doctor and ask what's wrong.…

Ellie on Am I Normal Hair

Episode Guides

Trouble With Teens

Trouble With Teens

The doctors see a case of self-harming, some excessive sweating and visit Thorpe Park to test out responses to stress.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

The doctors visit the Wakestock festival to seek out cases of sunburn, tooth decay and a very burnt bottom.

Episode 2

Boys vs Girls

In episode 2 the doctor's encounter cases of asymmetrical testicles, bulimia, cystitis and a vestigial tail.

Bother Down Below

Bother Down Below

The doctors return for a new season of teenage specials - with cases involving everything from scrotal cysts to the reality of teenage pregnancy.

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