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Embarrassing Teenage Bodies helps answer the common questions and health concerns of teenagers. The videos, condition guides and interactive applications provide clear, honest information about the changes going on in teenage bodies.

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Am I Normal?

  1. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  2. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  3. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  4. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  5. Dr Dawn Harper discusses breast development amongst teenage girls, explaining what is and isn
  6. Dr Dawn Harper discusses all matters relating to periods and what is and isn
  7. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  8. Dr Dawn Harper discusses the causes and treatments of acne, including the opinions of the cast of Hollyoaks.

How to Check Yourself

  1. Dr Dawn Harper explains how to self check your boobs for breast cancer.
  2. Dr Pixie answers your most frequently asked questions about breasts.
  3. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn
  4. Dr Dawn Harper discusses what is and isn

Latest Questions

I'm 16 and scared to have sex with my boyfriend or let him any where near my vagina as one of my vaginal lips are bigger than the other and not sure what he will say abou…

Asked by Shann on Am I Normal Vagina

Im 15 in a month and I am worried about my penis because it becomes erect at random times during the day and night its really embarrassing in school when my trousers have…

Asked by james on Penis Gallery

I am 18 years old.My penis is erecting into downwards.I want it to upwards.what can i do?…

Asked by Said on Penis Gallery

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I have the same problem as you. Im 17 and dont have any boobs some times it doesnt bother me but I see my friends wearing dresses and I feel left out, best bet is to talk to your mom and see what she thinks. Hope this helps…

rachel on Am I Normal Breasts

Hi, I started my period when I was 15 the day before my sister's birthday and ever since then ive beeen missing a couple of months. I last had one 2 months ago and havent had one since but I also have a disorder where my body is actually 2 years younger then my actual age (Ihave to have injections t…

rachel on Am I Normal Periods

Hi, im 17 and ive not had sex yet because I wont let my boyfriend go near me or my vagina because its really sore and red and I have a lot of discharge and I dont feel comfortable incase of what he might say, can anybody help me please!!…

rachel on Am I Normal Vagina

Episode Guides

Trouble With Teens

Trouble With Teens

The doctors see a case of self-harming, some excessive sweating and visit Thorpe Park to test out responses to stress.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

The doctors visit the Wakestock festival to seek out cases of sunburn, tooth decay and a very burnt bottom.

Episode 2

Boys vs Girls

In episode 2 the doctor's encounter cases of asymmetrical testicles, bulimia, cystitis and a vestigial tail.

Bother Down Below

Bother Down Below

The doctors return for a new season of teenage specials - with cases involving everything from scrotal cysts to the reality of teenage pregnancy.

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